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In accordance with Law 1581 of 2012 "By which general provisions for the protection of personal data are dictated" and Decree 1377 of 2013, which partially regulate them, as well as other laws and regulations not covered that modify, substitute, or add to them, we inform you that BASIS BY PASSUM S.A.S, commits itself as the DATA CONTROLLER, within the framework of the authorization granted by the Owner of Personal Data (financial, credit, commercial, and service-related), to its conservation and use for purposes of information, study, transfer, transmission, and commercialization, especially to:

a). Process data according to the purpose for which the Owners authorized and applicable current laws.

b). Ensure that the Processing of Personal Data will be carried out in compliance with the security protocols and other minimum obligations contained in the Information Processing Policy.

c). Safeguard the security of the Databases containing Personal Data.

d). Maintain confidentiality regarding the Processing of Personal Data.

e). Document procedures for the Processing, conservation, and deletion of Personal Data in accordance with applicable provisions related to the subject matter, as well as the instructions given by the Superintendence of Industry and Commerce.

f). Delete information when revocation of the authorization is requested by BASIS BY PASSUM S.A.S., except when the Owner has a legal or contractual obligation to remain in the Database.

g). Ensure that the information subject to Processing is truthful, complete, accurate, up-to-date, verifiable, and understandable.

h). Comply with the other duties established in Article 18 of Law 1581 of 2012.

Your personal information (NAME and SURNAME, CONTACT TELEPHONES, EMAIL, and ADDRESS) will be used for the following purposes: provide the services and products you have requested; transmit the personal data of the DATA OWNER to third parties such as clients and/or subsidiaries of the BASIS BY PASSUM S.A.S. brand; notify you about new services or products related to those already contracted or acquired; communicate changes in them; conduct studies and programs necessary to determine consumption habits; carry out periodic evaluations of our products and services to improve their quality; evaluate the quality of the service we provide, and, in general, fulfill the obligations we have contracted with you.

It is important to inform you that you have the right to Access, Rectify, and Cancel your personal data, to Object to the processing of these, or to revoke the consent granted for this purpose. To do this, you must send the request to the marketing department, responsible for our Personal Data Protection Department, or communicate via email to

If you do not wish to receive communications from us, you can send us your request through the email address:


What is a Credit?

Credit is a loan of money that a financial institution grants you with the commitment that you will repay these resources gradually in the future. It is also a tool to achieve your short, medium, and long-term goals.

Requests, Complaints, Claims, and/or Compliments.

The Financial Ally has no responsibility for the failures or defects found in the products or services purchased. Any concerns about your purchase, warranty claims, complaints related to the quality of the product or the provision of the service, as well as problems with your merchandise or cancellation requests, must be processed and communicated directly with BASIS through the virtual or physical mechanism where the purchase was made.

BASIS hereinafter the "Ally" will be solely responsible and in charge of claims for consumer protection, warranty effectiveness, defective products, cancellations, and any claims related to the purchased product or service.

The Financial Ally does not appear or is not part of your relationship with the Ally as a supplier of the goods and services you acquire with it. Therefore, the Financial Ally will not share responsibility with the Ally in this matter. This does not limit liability for obligations and rights that arise exclusively from the commercial relationship with the issuance of your credit and its validity.

In that order, when you want to contact BASIS, you can do so through the following communication channels:


These lines or communication mechanisms are exclusive for citizen service regarding requests, complaints, claims, and/or compliments. Any other matter different from what is described here will be handled through our traditional lines.


Before continuing, it is necessary for you to give your prior, express, and informed consent for BASIS BY PASSUM SAS to process your personal data.

By providing your data, you give your prior, express, and informed consent for your identification, demographic, financial, and contact personal data to be collected, processed, transferred, transmitted, and/or shared, nationally and internationally.

This personal data processing activity will be carried out by BASIS BY PASSUM SAS, a company domiciled in Bogotá with NIT. 830.097.922-3 ("BASIS") or whoever it designates when the client requests any financial product to acquire goods, works, services, and products with BASIS.

Similarly, BASIS BY PASSUM SAS will process your personal data from the acceptance of these terms and conditions.

These personal data processing activities will be carried out for the purpose of: (i) confirming and updating your information and identity; (ii) debt collection management; (iii) establishing and managing a contractual relationship; (iv) contacting you for commercial, marketing, and contractual relationship management purposes, through any means; (v) conducting statistical analyses; (vi) conducting satisfaction and quality surveys; (vii) verifying and managing compliance with legal and contractual obligations, including fraud control and prevention; (viii) consulting and reporting to restrictive lists and information centers, for the prevention and mitigation of financial and impersonation risks, among others.

In this regard, you accept and acknowledge that you have been informed of the rights that correspond to you as the owner of Personal Data, including the right to submit requests for information, update, deletion, and/or rectification of Personal Data. To learn more about your rights and how to exercise them, we invite you to consult the BASIS Data Processing Policy, available at

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